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Eyecare Associates of Parsons Blog

3 Types of Summer Sunglasses You Should Own

Everyone wants to go outside and enjoy the sunshine in the summer. Yet, shielding your eyes from dangerous UV radiation is crucial.

6 Lifestyle Choices That Can Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma

People with glaucoma want to save their sight and help themselves in any way possible beyond medications and surgery. They want to learn how lifestyle choices can influence their health. Several studies suggest that lifestyle factors can affect your eye pressure, which is a significant factor for glaucoma. 

How Effective Is Vision Therapy?

Many eyecare professionals recommend vision therapy. After all, it is about improving vision without medication, surgery, or corrective lenses. It sounds like an excellent idea if it can also help with other eye conditions. That said, what is its efficacy and success rate? Many researchers report its effectiveness for various vision problems. Thus, more people are eager to discover whether they can benefit too.

Common Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome – or CVS for short – is a fairly newly-diagnosed condition that is attributed to the dramatic increase in the number of people using digital devices, both at work and in their recreational activities.

Common Eye Conditions Neurolenses® Can Treat

If you’re suffering from eye strain, headaches or neck pain, you’re not alone. You may be surprised to learn that about two out of three people experience symptoms of eye misalignment. The recent shift to remote and hybrid work has caused that number to increase, but many people don’t even know what eye misalignment is. Even minor misalignments can cause a variety of uncomfortable, painful symptoms that affect how you live and work. The good news? Relief is in sight and Neurolenses can truly change your life.

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