6 Lifestyle Choices That Can Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma

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6 Lifestyle Choices That Can Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma

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6 Lifestyle Choices That Can Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma

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6 Lifestyle Choices That Can Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma

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6 Lifestyle Choices That Can Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma

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Glaucoma affects more than 70 million people worldwide. That makes it a major public health problem. Unfortunately, this number might be higher because a significant percentage of those with the disease are unaware. They are typically asymptomatic until the later stages of the condition. 


People with glaucoma want to save their sight and help themselves in any way possible beyond medications and surgery. They want to learn how lifestyle choices can influence their health. Several studies suggest that lifestyle factors can affect your eye pressure, which is a significant factor for glaucoma. 

Glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss. Fortunately, it may be possible to minimize your risk of developing this eye condition with healthy lifestyle choices, including:


Regular Exercise


A recent study suggests that those who engage in moderate to vigorous exercise or physical activity have a significantly lower risk of developing glaucoma. Exercise, such as jogging, changes the pressure and blood flow inside the eye, lowering glaucoma risk.


Healthy Diet


Consume lots of fresh fruits and veggies, especially leafy, green vegetables. One study suggests that people who eat more leafy veggies may have a 20 to 30 percent lower risk of glaucoma. Green vegetables have nitrates, which can help regulate eye pressure and improve blood flow when converted to nitric oxide. 


Choose Tea Over Coffee


A recent study showed a 74 percent lower risk of glaucoma in individuals who took at least one cup of hot tea daily compared to those who did not. Excessive caffeine consumption is not ideal, but drinking coffee in moderation is fine. 


Another study found that people who took five or more cups of caffeinated coffee had an increased risk of developing this eye condition. The flavonoids and antioxidants in tea may improve your body’s ability to prevent free radical damage. 


Maintain a Healthy Weight


Medical professionals believe there is a link between obesity and eye conditions like glaucoma, maculopathy, and age-related cataracts. It can also cause a variety of other health issues. Also, those with a higher BMI are at increased risk of developing diabetes, a risk factor for glaucoma. That said, a BMI that is too low can also increase glaucoma risk.


Take Magnesium Supplements


According to studies, dietary magnesium may be beneficial for glaucoma patients’ vision because it improves circulation. 


Proper Oral Hygiene


A recent study suggests that tooth loss may have a link to increased glaucoma risk. Gum disease can trigger an inflammatory response that may contribute to this eye disease. 


Glaucoma is a sneaky vision thief since it presents little or no signs in its early stages. That is why eye doctors recommend regular comprehensive eye exams, especially for those with a family history of the condition. Researchers recently identified specific genes that increased glaucoma risk. 


Others at higher risk include people with diabetes and those of African descent. If you are over 40 or have other risk factors, it would help to discuss with your eye doctor specific lifestyle changes that may be appropriate for you.


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