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Comprehensive Eye Care With A Storied History

Eyecare Associates of Parsons has been serving patients in the southeast Kansas region for over twenty years, but the roots of our practice dates back over a century. Working from the examples of our predecessors, we have always maintained a modern facility with the latest technology to care for our patients. We take pride in focusing on our patients' needs within a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

While we do provide routine vision care for families, we also provide comprehensive eye-health examinations for individuals of all ages. Our practice utilized state-of-the-art technology to help with the diagnosis and management of eye health conditions. With the addition of Neurolens, we are able to treat patients with contoured prisms to help those with digital eye strain and binocular vision dysfunction.

About Eyecare Associates of Parsons

Our History

The origin of Eyecare Associates of Parsons is attributed to Dr. Claude M. Humphrey in Chetopa in 1917. He was not only an Optometrist but also a watchmaker, which was not uncommon at that period in time. He later moved to Parsons and was located in the Pfeiffer Jewelry store. Dr. Humphrey worked from that location for several years until moving to 1810 Main St. which was adjacent to the Parsonian movie theater.

On March 24, 1958 Dr. Dale T. Newland purchased the practice. Dr. Newland graduated from the Northern Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago in 1955 and served in the Army from 1956 to 1958. Dr. Newland worked at the 1810 Main location for four years and then moved to 1823 Main which was next to the Reynolds and Hughes Insurance Agency.

In 1968 Jack Richardson, OD, joined the practice. During urban renewal they decided to find a larger location and built the Medical Arts Clinic with Dr. Cecil Farley at 2410 Main in 1971. Dr. Richarson decided to leave the practice in 1985 and Dr. Newland worked by himself until his son, Craig Newland, graduated from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 1990. They worked together until Dale Newland retired in 1999.

A new clinic was built at 501 Main by Steve Bartholomew, OD and Craig Newland, OD with the name of Eyecare Associates of Parsons. Wayne Gilmore, OD a graduate of University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry, joined the practice in July of 1999. Dr. Bartholomew left the practice in 2005 and Drs. Gilmore and Newland continue to work together. In March of 2022, Kirby Ray, OD, a graduate of The Oklahoma College of Optometry at Northeastern State University, joined the practice as an associate.

Our optometric practice is thought to be one of the oldest, West of the Mississippi.

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