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What to Bring

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What to Bring

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What to Bring

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What to Bring

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What to Bring to Your Eye Health Examination

When you arrive for your eye health exam, we want to be sure you have a first-class experience, and that we don't miss anything which may be important for you, your eye health, safety, protection, and comfort.

Please Bring the Following

  • A list of your current medications by name and dose - Vitamins list.

  • Your vision savings plan information.

  • Your Medical Insurance Card.

  • A form of identification.

  • Your Medicare Card if you have one.

  • The means to make payment for your co-payments and other responsibilities.

  • Your current eyeglasses.

  • Your current computer or reading glasses.

  • Wear your contacts when you come for you appointment

  • If you are a contact lens wearer bring your contacts, your contact lens 'blister pack' or box, your eyeglasses you wear whenever you're not wearing your contacts.

  • Any over-the counter eye drops not prescribed by your eye doctor.

  • Bring anyone with you who you need to help you choose your eyewear.

  • You May be dilated to inspect your intemal eye health; if you need help driving because your vision may be blurry for a few hours, bring your driver with you.

  • PIan on your schedule to be with us for 60 minutes.

Our entire team will be ready to provide you an extraordinary eye health care experience.

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